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Divorce and Family Law
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A lasting settlement builds for the future.

Daniel Bestul

Divorce marks the ending of one family arrangement and the beginning of a new one. The family lawyers of Duxstad & Bestul help clients successfully move through this transition to build plans for their futures. Priorities include providing the best possible outcomes for children, preserving assets such as a family farm or business, and establishing meaningful co-parenting arrangements.

Duxstad & Bestul offers you a wide range of resources. In addition to the traditional, court-based approach to solving family law issues, we utilize the collaborative process, as well as mediation and arbitration. You can be confident of our expertise in not only divorce but also child support, division of assets, adoptions, termination of parental rights, and other matters.

Divorce is a transitional time, but the decisions you make during it will affect the rest of your life. Your choices should set the stage for a successful future. For any family law concerns, contact Duxstad & Bestul to help you achieve lasting resolution.

Our Family Law Clients:

At Duxstad and Bestul, our family law clients include individuals transitioning from one family arrangement to a new family arrangement. They may need help putting together a custody, placement, and support plan to provide the best possible outcomes for their children; assistance in allocating financial resources in the most efficient manner possible; or finding their way through the confusing legal process.

We help clients divorcing and separating clients to:

  • Preserve a family farm or business
  • Provide a safe environment for the children
  • Ensure children have a meaningful relationship with both parents
  • Make the most effective use of the family‚Äôs financial resources
  • Develop a workable plan to deal with debts and other obligations

When serving as a mediator, we help parties identify and build upon common ground, to reach agreements that resolve their disputes in the most productive manner possible.

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Looking for a Family Law or Divorce Solution?

For any family law concerns, Duxstad & Bestul can help to help you achieve lasting resolution. Contact Daniel Bestul to schedule a consultation at bestul@duxstadlaw.com or call him at 608-325-4924.