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Divorce and Family Law
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Personal Injury and Accidents
Robert S. Duxstad
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Keep disputes from standing in your way.

Robert Duxstad & Daniel Bestul

Legal disputes inevitably arise in the course of doing business or managing everyday affairs. When they do, the lawyers of Duxstad & Bestul provide civil litigation support for individuals and small businesses, farmers, and financial institutions in Green and Lafayette Counties. The issues we help resolve include contract disputes, collections, foreclosures, evictions, quiet title actions, boundary line disputes, property damage claims, insurance disputes, estate disputes, and construction claims.

Financial issues are typically at the heart of the civil litigation we pursue on behalf of clients. Our efforts are aimed at either recouping damages for a client, or preventing a client from having to pay damages to another party who may not be entitled to them. With every case, we explore the most cost-effective strategies to obtain a fair resolution without delays.

In a rural area such as ours, civil litigation often involves agriculture or ag-related businesses. Duxstad & Bestul offers our clients breadth of experience in handling these unique issues. In addition, we understand how the dynamics of the local justice system can influence the outcome of a case, and use that knowledge to obtain the best results for our clients. Disputes may be unavoidable, but the expertise of Duxstad & Bestul in civil litigation can keep them from impeding your life and business.

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