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Easing Grief: Simple But Important Steps Can Help Soften Death's Blow

Posted: 5.30.2019

The death of a family member or loved one, especially one that is sudden and unexpected, can elicit a profoundly emotional response among those who survive. The days following the death see a combination of shock, sadness, laughter and tears.Ideally, family and friends can gather in common support, share stories, and, together, begin the long grieving process. Simultaneously, however, those closest to  ...Read More

Alone Time: The Importance of Private Meetings With Senior Clients

Posted: 5.30.2019

A variety of circumstances bring us clients looking to create or revise their estate plans. The birth of a child, for example, often results in a first will because the new parents want to nominate a guardian – someone to raise their child if they cannot. Years later, those children are grown, have no need for a guardian, and are ready, when the time comes, to take on the responsibilities of pers  ...Read More

From Beer to Eternity: What's the Plan?

Posted: 9.24.2018

If I have one wish for budding entrepreneurs, it’s that you’ll never wake up at 2:30 in the morning and start thinking about your new business. There is no fear or failure that does not seem 1,000 times worse at 2:30 in the morning than it does in the bright of day, and starting a new business is going to scare you even then, at high noon, on the summer solstice. If it doesn’t, just understand tha  ...Read More

From Beer to Eternity – Setting up the Business

Posted: 4.18.2018

With our hearts set on a new brewery, Kevin and I enrolled in classes at the Small Business Development Center at the University of Wisconsin’s School of Business.Their equivalent today is the “BizSmart Training for Entrepreneurs” program, with classes one night each week for eight consecutive weeks.Each week touches on a broad topic of significance to a new business owner: marketing, taxes, finan  ...Read More

From Beer to Eternity: Getting Started

Posted: 9.06.2017

(Note: To anyone reading who’s been waiting six months for a second installment, Attorney McNaughton extends his apologies, and offers an important business lesson: sometimes life gets in the way of your best-laid plans.) Sometime in the summer of 2013, something probably related to work (client confidentiality being what it is, I’ll pretend I can’t remember) frustrated me enough that   ...Read More

From Beer to Eternity: A Lawyer’s Journey Toward Better Serving His Clients

Posted: 3.09.2017

I believe that a lawyer is better at his or her job when he or she can communicate to a client, or approach a case, from a position of personal experience. This belief has limits, of course: don’t work with a criminal defense lawyer who’s been convicted of a crime. But in a general sense, lawyers who can empathize with a client’s experience can provide that client with better advice. And I mean tha  ...Read More

Wave of Legislation Bring Changes to Adverse Possession Laws

Posted: 5.11.2016

On March 1, Governor Walker signed 58 bills into laws, including two that reflected important changes to Wisconsin’s adverse possession laws. Adverse possession is a method of acquiring title to real estate through extended possession, as opposed to outright gift or purchase. In simple terms, by possessing property long enough, as if it were your own, you can make it your own, even if the recorded title  ...Read More

New Budget Deal Brings Important Changes to Social Security

Posted: 11.12.2015

Last month, two branches of our federal government compromised (really!) and authorized a full-blown federal budget. The agreement being so remarkable in its own right, its finer details didn’t receive much attention. Within its pages, though, was one change to the Social Security program that bears special mention. It applies to what’s commonly known as the “file-and-suspend” strategy. To understa  ...Read More