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Divorce and Family Law
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A New Perspective: Duxstad & Bestul Attorneys Travel to Cuba

Posted: 5.30.2019

In February, Bob, Dan, and Lance, together with their spouses, traveled to Cuba as part of a Wisconsin State Bar and Cuba Cultural Travel program. The attorneys attended programs relating to the American-Cuban relationship and the Cuban legal system. There was also time set aside to enjoy the sights of Old Havana, and of course, a few rum mojitos. In the next issue of LawyerTalk, we will share some o  ...Read More

New Darlington Address

Posted: 5.30.2019

Our Darlington office has moved across the street to a new office space. We will continue to share the office with Eaton Financial Advisors. The new space will have a larger conference room for client meetings. (It will also have a small break room, as if we need an excuse to eat more office snacks.) Our Darlington hours remain the same. M-W 8-5. Thursday 8 to 3:00. Please stop in at 208 Main Stree  ...Read More

New Budget Deal Brings Important Changes to Social Security

Posted: 11.12.2015

Last month, two branches of our federal government compromised (really!) and authorized a full-blown federal budget. The agreement being so remarkable in its own right, its finer details didn’t receive much attention. Within its pages, though, was one change to the Social Security program that bears special mention. It applies to what’s commonly known as the “file-and-suspend” strategy. To understa  ...Read More

Guardianship - A Valuable Last Resort

Posted: 10.24.2014

A conversation about guardianships is common in estate planning, especially for younger families who have or are anticipating children. In fact, the nomination of guardian – someone to exercise legal authority over their minor children when parents die or are otherwise absent – is one of the most important reasons for younger adults to create a Will. Children lack independent legal authority to mak  ...Read More

Thinking of farming? Talk to a lawyer!

Posted: 6.23.2014

As I’ve been driving around Lafayette County these past couple of weeks, the first cut of hay has offered a welcome sign that summer is finally here. Bean and corn fields, lush with green, are proof that our never-ending winter has finally ended. They’re also an ever-present reminder of the importance that agriculture plays in our region. For example, a 2008 study by UW Extension concluded that, in Lafa  ...Read More

Don't Leave Money on the Table at Tax Time

Posted: 3.10.2014

Tax rules and regulations can be a confusing maze, but for divorced or never-married parents, a little effort and cooperation can pay big dividends at tax time. Knowing your way around the tax breaks for parents – or using a tax advisor who understands them – can mean hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars more in your pocket. The most common tax break available to parents is the depende  ...Read More

Lance McNaughton newest member of D&B legal team

Posted: 1.01.2014

We’re delighted to welcome Lance McNaughton to Duxstad & Bestul, S.C. Lance received his law degree from Washington & Lee University, and also has a Master of Public Policy degree from Duke University’s Sanford School of Public Policy. In addition to his extensive experience as an attorney, Lance has served as mayor of the Village of Shullsburg, as a member of the Southwest Wisconsin Regional Pl  ...Read More

Protecting Your Insurance Coverage

Posted: 8.14.2013

The main purpose of auto insurance is to protect you, your family and the passengers in your vehicles if you are seriously injured in an automobile collision. Two of the most important protections you can purchase are Uninsured Motorist Coverage (UM) and Underinsured Motorist Coverage (UIM). These coverages protect you when a negligent driver either doesn’t have insurance or doesn’t have enough to cover  ...Read More

Elder Abuse Awareness: Protecting Green County’s Senior Citizens

Posted: 8.07.2013

Most of us have read news articles on child abuse and understand that it can happen anywhere, even in our own neighborhood in seemingly “good” homes. However, it probably wouldn't occur to many people that their elderly neighbor may be vulnerable as well and could be abused or neglected. In fact, according to the National Center on Elder Abuse, between one to two million vulnerable adults are abused or   ...Read More

What You Should Know About Attorney Fees

Posted: 2.01.2013

To many people who need legal help, attorney fees are a mystery. The lack of information may mean he or she puts off calling an attorney; this can cause unneeded additional expense, or even losing out entirely on the chance to solve the problem and get peace of mind. This post gives a brief overview of how we charge for our services, and gives some guidance for anyone looking for help with a legal issue  ...Read More