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Why Wait? Early Advice Can Avoid Costly Mistakes

Posted: 5.30.2019

In comedy, they say, timing is everything. The same can be true when it comes to getting help from a lawyer. A new client came in to talk about a divorce that was "almost done". The parties had been handling things on their own for quite a while and put together an agreement that both thought they could live with. The other party decided to have the agreement reviewed by a lawyer (some  ...Read More

Lawyers Have Values, Too

Posted: 5.30.2019

I don’t think I could ever argue for something I didn’t believe in”. Lawyers hear comments like this all the time. The stock answer goes something like this: our legal system is essential to the protection of individual property and liberty. The lawyer's job in that system isn’t to decide right and wrong; our job is to represent and advocate for those who entrust us with their life, liberty and   ...Read More

How You Get There Matters

Posted: 5.30.2019

Just as the leaves on the trees were beginning to turn color, my wife and I were able to get away for a short vacation. We headed to northern Wisconsin and spent most of our time taking in a dozen or so waterfalls in Iron, Ashland and Bayfield Counties. Several of the falls were easily accessible. In a couple of state parks, the Wisconsin Tourism Department had even set up “selfie stations”  ...Read More

The Search For A Child’s “Best Interests”

Posted: 8.29.2018

"Best interests of the child.” Wisconsin law is peppered with this phrase, and it is the guiding principle for judges when they make decisions affecting the child’s welfare.However, it is not always clear where “best interests” lie.One recent Wisconsin Court of Appeals case illustrates how hard it can be to protect a child’s best interests. The case involves a termination of parental rig  ...Read More

Dan Bestul Presents at Milwaukee Divorce Seminar

Posted: 5.09.2018

Attorney Dan Bestul was a presenter at the 36th annual “Divorce Wisconsin Style” seminar, sponsored by the Wisconsin Chapter of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. Dan’s topic was Practical Tips for Law Office Safety, and he spoke to more than 100 attorneys, judges and court commissioners. Dan’s outline for his presentation can be found here: http://duxstadlaw.com/Linked%20Articles/00  ...Read More

Duxstad & Bestul Client Prevails on Appeal

Posted: 4.25.2018

After a circuit court judge ordered a child’s name be changed as part of a custody and placement dispute, the child’s mother asked Dan Bestul to appeal the order. In a decision handed down this spring, the Wisconsin Court of Appeals agreed the circuit court did not have the legal authority to order the name change, and reversed the trial court’s order. Because the question is one of statewide signi  ...Read More

Big Money Case Decided on Basic Principles

Posted: 5.23.2017

Relationships, unfortunately, often come to an end. When the relationship involves the founder of one of the most recognizable businesses in the Midwest, and his lawyer/former fiancée, you have the makings of a plot worthy of a primetime soap opera. Such was the case of Dawn Sands v. John Menard & Menard, Inc., which recently found its way to the Wisconsin Court of Appeals. Menar  ...Read More

Engineering Better Outcomes For Families

Posted: 2.18.2016

I’m the kind of person who will read anything – books and newspapers, cereal boxes, even junk mail – and I’m always on the hunt for new material. When my software developer son told me he was picking up a lot of good ideas from a 20 year old book, I thought I’d give it a try. It turns out that To Engineer is Human, by Professor Henry Petroski, has lessons that go well beyond the structural failure  ...Read More

Attorney Dan Bestul Presenter at Seminar

Posted: 2.03.2016

Dan Bestul was a presenter at the Fourth Annual Tax & Financial Issues in Divorce seminar, sponsored by the Collaborative Family Law Council of Wisconsin (CFLCW). Dan teamed up with Cathy Durham of Capital Valuation Associates - Madison on the valuation of “very small” businesses. Dan’s portion of the presentation focused on the different approaches to valuations recognized by Wisconsin courts,  ...Read More

Hiring As Much Lawyer as You Need – Wisconsin's New Rules on Limited Scope Representation

Posted: 7.02.2015

For many years now, limited scope representation - - often called "unbundling", has been a hot topic in the legal field. Our do-it-yourself culture, heavily fueled by the vast array of resources available on the Internet, has caused the number of people who take legal matters into their own hands to explode. While the professional responsibility laws governing Wisconsin lawyers have allowed limited  ...Read More