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From Beer to Eternity: What's the Plan?

Posted: 9.24.2018

If I have one wish for budding entrepreneurs, it’s that you’ll never wake up at 2:30 in the morning and start thinking about your new business. There is no fear or failure that does not seem 1,000 times worse at 2:30 in the morning than it does in the bright of day, and starting a new business is going to scare you even then, at high noon, on the summer solstice. If it doesn’t, just understand tha  ...Read More

From Beer to Eternity – Setting up the Business

Posted: 4.18.2018

With our hearts set on a new brewery, Kevin and I enrolled in classes at the Small Business Development Center at the University of Wisconsin’s School of Business.Their equivalent today is the “BizSmart Training for Entrepreneurs” program, with classes one night each week for eight consecutive weeks.Each week touches on a broad topic of significance to a new business owner: marketing, taxes, finan  ...Read More

From Beer to Eternity: Getting Started

Posted: 9.06.2017

(Note: To anyone reading who’s been waiting six months for a second installment, Attorney McNaughton extends his apologies, and offers an important business lesson: sometimes life gets in the way of your best-laid plans.) Sometime in the summer of 2013, something probably related to work (client confidentiality being what it is, I’ll pretend I can’t remember) frustrated me enough that   ...Read More

From Beer to Eternity: A Lawyer’s Journey Toward Better Serving His Clients

Posted: 3.09.2017

I believe that a lawyer is better at his or her job when he or she can communicate to a client, or approach a case, from a position of personal experience. This belief has limits, of course: don’t work with a criminal defense lawyer who’s been convicted of a crime. But in a general sense, lawyers who can empathize with a client’s experience can provide that client with better advice. And I mean tha  ...Read More

New Law Allows Eviction of Tenants that Commit Crimes

Posted: 2.16.2017

In March 2016, Wisconsin passed a new law allowing landlords to terminate tenants’ leases that commit certain crimes under Wis. Stat. § 704.17(3m). Any tenant that engages in “criminal activity” or “drug-related criminal activity” may find themselves served with a notice by the landlord that could force them to vacate the property after five days. “Drug-related criminal activity” is limi  ...Read More

Wave of Legislation Bring Changes to Adverse Possession Laws

Posted: 5.11.2016

On March 1, Governor Walker signed 58 bills into laws, including two that reflected important changes to Wisconsin’s adverse possession laws. Adverse possession is a method of acquiring title to real estate through extended possession, as opposed to outright gift or purchase. In simple terms, by possessing property long enough, as if it were your own, you can make it your own, even if the recorded title  ...Read More

Thinking of farming? Talk to a lawyer!

Posted: 6.23.2014

As I’ve been driving around Lafayette County these past couple of weeks, the first cut of hay has offered a welcome sign that summer is finally here. Bean and corn fields, lush with green, are proof that our never-ending winter has finally ended. They’re also an ever-present reminder of the importance that agriculture plays in our region. For example, a 2008 study by UW Extension concluded that, in Lafa  ...Read More

Choosing the Right Business Entity

Posted: 5.21.2014

Our firm represents many small business owners in Green and Lafayette Counties. One of the decisions we help clients make is choosing the right business entity for their particular business. There are advantages and disadvantages to each form. The following discussion will highlight some of the basic and most important differences between the various possibilities. Sole Proprietorship T  ...Read More

New Real Estate Transfer Rules Shouldn’t Discourage Smart Estate Planning

Posted: 4.29.2014

Wisconsin’s real estate transfer tax return is pretty much what it sounds like. Real estate sales are subject to a sales tax (or transfer tax) just like auto sales, clothing sales, and electronic sales, to name a few. The transfer tax return is what you file to show how much tax is due on the sale. Not every real estate transfer is subject to tax: gift transfers between parents and children, and transfe  ...Read More

New Laws Have Major Impact on Landlord-Tenant Relationship

Posted: 3.31.2014

If you’re a landlord, and thought you knew your way around the legal landscape, then surprise: it’s time to buy a new map. Few areas of Wisconsin law have changed so substantially over the past three years as those governing the landlord-tenant relationship. 2011 Act 108, 2011 Act 143 and 2013 Act 76 made a series of changes to previous laws, and, for the most part, these changes have been beneficial to  ...Read More